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About Us

GS1 is a global system for standards and identification used in chain supply systems globally formed as an amalgamation of EAN and UCC for the purpose of creating one single global association.
Global Standard 1 (GS1) is an international, non-profit making, association which develops and implements the global standards and solutions in improving the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and cutting across a diverse of sectors.

GS1 (TZ) National is a Tanzanian registered company by guarantee registered by the business society in Tanzania as a way to improve traceability and add value to their products.
The company was registered under the auspices of the key collaboration between the Government of Tanzania and the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, through the established GS1 Tanzania Board.

The company has succeeded to secure a Bar Code right from GS1 Global, now Tanzanian business community will not have to travel to Kenya and South Africa for bar codes, bar codes are now issued in Tanzania with a code of ‘620’, this is expected to increase access to domestic and global markets of locally produced products, product identity, value addition, and increase traceability of the value chain system in Tanzania.


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