Product identification
GS1 (TZ) National provides each of its members with a bar code number for all target sectors. GS1 will create and keep a number bank where each member will be allocated

Help Desk
This will be a helpline desk for all our customers where all business and technical inquiries will be attended.
This service will be free for all GS1 (TZ) National members, and a toll free number shall be available.

Bar code verification service
This service will be provided to ensure that bar code consistency and compliance to international standards, guidelines and specifications are achieved and maintained.

Training services
GS1 (TZ) National shall also offer training services to its members on all technical issues and other matters related to GS1 standards. Technical issues to be trained include supply chain systems, traceability, GS1 products, etc

Consultancy services
GS1 (TZ) National shall also offer consulting services to its members to make sure that the services offered to its members are maximized and there is an increase in their business value.

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